Asset Template Library

Instamint maintains a library of asset template types. The types are JSON metadata artifacts that describe an asset. For example a specific JSON metadata can describe an image, POAP or a different set of metadata can describe a municipal bond.

Currently, Instamint provides pre-built asset templates. Schemas for these templates can be found here: . The library of schemas is expected to grow over the coming years as asset metadata standards emerge for asset types beyond image NFTs.

Please note these schemas are subject to change

Additional bespoke templates can be created by clients using Designer. Prior to minting, an asset's metadata is checked against an asset templates JSON schema.

Asset TemplateDescription


Single image with erc721-style metadata


Single image with arc69-style metadata


NxN images stitched into a single image with erc721-style metadata


NxN images stitched into a single image with arc69-style metadata


Simple proof of presence with location and date/time stamp


Simple invoice asset

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